Brexit: Immigration considerations for your European staff in the UK and your UK staff in Europe

SYITC sponsor, Fragomen, have recently written an interesting article that focuses on Brexit Immigration considerations.


The status of European employees in the UK and UK employees in Europe will change whether or not there is a deal, and they will most certainly need to make an immigration application.

UK staff in Europe:
Deal – If there is a deal, UK staff in Europe will be able to register to stay in a European country up until the end of the transition period. They will then need to make a country specific application.

No deal – There will be a shorter timefame to make an immigration application in a no deal scenario (e.g. 3 months in Germany, 15 months in the Netherlands). Some countries are yet to publicise how they will treat UK nationals post-Brexit. We can support you with assessing visa eligibility for any UK nationals already in Europe or expected to move there in 2019. Securing a work permit for Europe tends to take 1-6 months at present. Likewise, the employees’ social security rights and liabilities will be impacted and need accurate analysis.

European staff in the UK:
Deal – If there is a deal, European staff in the UK will be able to register under the settlement scheme by 30 June 2021, either for pre-settled or settled status depending on how long they have lived in the UK. The scheme is now open for certain applicants and will open fully on 29 March. The process is straightforward for most applicants, applying via an app and then an online form.

No deal – If there is no deal, Europeans will need to be resident in the UK on or before 29 March 2019. Otherwise, they will be able to make an application for temporary residence on arrival in the UK.

New UK immigration system:
The UK will apply immigration controls to Europeans from 1 January 2021 and the system will equally apply to non-Europeans. It will be slower and more expensive for Europeans coming to work in the UK, though the government is proposing a faster and more flexible system for migration workers coming the UK from outside the EU.  

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