Businesses awarded the BCC Accredited ITOPS Qualification

Wednesday the 14th June saw the culmination of yet another successful ITOPS (International Trade, Operations and Procedures) group who completed the programme. ITOPS is a recognised international trade qualification covering the main elements of import/export administration. Successful candidates are awarded the BCC Accredited ITOPS Qualification and the British Chambers of Commerce Foundation certificate in International […]

BCC comments on trade figures

Commenting on the trade statistics and key short-term indicators for April 2018, published today by the ONS, Suren Thiru, Head of Economics at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said: “While there was a slight monthly pick-up in construction output, the longer-term trends confirm continued weakness, and together with the widening in the UK’s trade […]

President Trump enacts Aluminium and Steel tariffs against U.S. allies in Europe and North America from 1st June 2018

The South Yorkshire International Trade Centre acted swiftly to assess the impact the tariffs would have on South Yorkshire exporters and if they had changed from the original edict sent out in March. The full proclamations issued by the white house and signed by the president of the USA can be seen here: The proclamations […]

“You can’t exhort business to do its bit – it does its bit every day”

Housing is the key focus of the first episode of this relaunched podcast series, discussing at length the government’s housing pledge, and why generations of governments have failed to build enough homes. Allan Williams and Mike Spicer also review events of the previous fortnight, from train timetables to inflation.

BCC/DHL: UK exporters impeded by labour shortages

The British Chambers of Commerce, in partnership with DHL, today (Friday) publishes its latest Quarterly International Trade Outlook, based on survey and documentation data from UK exporters. The Outlook shows exporters are being hampered by widespread labour shortages, particularly in manufacturing, where two-thirds of firms struggled to recruit in the first quarter of 2018. Both […]

Increase Business Productivity Through Improved Workforce Health and Wellbeing

Influence policy to boost business growth A high profile business survey is now open for all business people across the Sheffield City Region to answer questions on topical matters in the workplace. The results will be used by the region’s Chambers of Commerce and government to gain a snapshot of business sentiment and be better […]