Global Sales and Marketing

Do you want to sell overseas but do not have the in-house staff and resource to make it happen?

Are you worried to invest in overseas selling before understanding the selling potential in a specific country?

This service will help companies discover new sales opportunities and test the market before investments have to be made. Before taking the plunge to recruit a sales person, which can be expensive and time consuming or replying to an overseas enquiry without fully understanding the marketplace, which can open up the risk of potentially losing money, use this service and let us test the market, test sell your product and see if it is viable.

Through test marketing and test selling, our people on the ground in the country, will verify if there is a market for your product, analyse the barriers you are likely encounter and discover new sales channels for you. You will learn more about your product and competitors, and be able to fine tune your offer accordingly before making a significant investment.


Sales and marketing are inextricably linked. The cheapest and low risk way to discover the sales opportunities in a country is to test sell the product.

  • Real time and involving real people (not theory).
  • More efficient then conventional market research.
  • Help turn forecast into realistic projections.
  • Determines spending levels, payment patterns and methods.
  • Enables financial decisions to be quickly reached about product and service viability.

This comprehensive sales and marketing service will enable British Exporters to generate a profitable, sustainable sales revenue in new territories. It includes distributor due diligence, multilingual telemarketing and “in country” sales representation that is tailor made to your company’s requirement.

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